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Welcome to Ventura County Watershed Protection District Hydrologic Data Webpage. This page provides rain, stream, and evaporation data from the District's official gages in Ventura County, as well as other available data used in District planning studies.

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Official and Preliminary data are available by water year clicking on the station name and by selecting the water year and format selectors for each dataset. Additional Supplimental Reports for specific stations are available for downlaod from each station's drop-down menus.

Streamflow: Average Daily Flow

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Site IdStation NameStart DateEnd DateActive
600Coyote Creek nr Oak View10/01/1958 00:0010/01/1980 00:00
601Coyote Creek near Ventura10/01/1927 00:0010/01/1982 00:00
602Matilija Creek at Matilija Hot Springs10/01/1927 00:0010/01/1988 00:00
602BMatilija Creek at Matilija Hot Springs10/01/2006 00:0010/01/2023 00:00Yes
603Matilija Cr abv Matilija Reservoir06/01/1948 00:0010/01/1969 00:00
603AMatilija Cr abv Matilija Reservoir10/01/2001 00:0010/01/2022 00:00Yes
604No Frk Matilija Creek at Matilija Hot Springs10/01/1928 00:0010/01/2023 00:00Yes
605San Antonio Creek at Hwy 3310/01/1949 00:0010/01/2013 00:00
605ASan Antonio Creek at Old Creek Road10/01/2013 00:0010/01/2023 00:00Yes
608Ventura River nr Ventura (Foster Park)10/01/1929 00:0010/01/2023 00:00Yes
616San Antonio Creek at Camp Comfort10/01/2018 00:0010/01/2022 00:00Yes
664Station Canyon Creek abv Lake Casitas10/01/1979 00:0010/01/1990 00:00
665Cooper Canyon Creek10/01/1979 00:0010/01/1990 00:00
671Ventura River Diversion at Foster Park10/01/1932 00:0009/30/2007 00:00
700Arundell Barranca abv Harbor Blvd10/01/1963 00:0010/01/2006 00:00Yes
701Hopper Creek at Hwy 126 nr Piru10/01/1930 00:0010/01/2023 00:00Yes
702Lockwood Creek at Gorge near Stauffer10/01/1971 00:0010/01/1981 00:00
703Mid Fork Lockwood Creek near Stauffer10/01/1971 00:0010/01/1978 00:00
704Piru Creek below Thorn Meadows10/01/1971 00:0010/01/1978 00:00
705Piru Creek abv Lake Piru10/01/1955 00:0010/01/1971 00:00
705APiru Creek abv Lake Piru10/01/1971 00:0010/01/2023 00:00Yes
706Piru Creek near Piru01/01/1912 00:0010/01/1974 00:00
707Santa Clara River at L.A. County Line10/01/1952 00:0010/22/1996 00:00
707ASanta Clara River at Newhall Bridge nr Piru10/01/1927 00:0010/01/2022 00:00Yes
708Santa Clara River at Montalvo Hwy 10110/01/1927 00:0010/01/1993 00:00
708ASanta Clara River at Saticoy Hwy 11810/01/1967 00:0010/01/2004 00:00
709Santa Paula Creek nr Santa Paula10/01/1927 00:0010/01/1980 00:00
709ASanta Paula Creek nr Santa Paula10/01/1980 00:0010/01/1997 00:00
709BSanta Paula Creek at Mupu Bridge10/01/1997 00:0010/01/2022 00:00Yes
710Sespe Creek nr Fillmore at RR Bridge08/31/1911 00:0010/01/1934 00:00
710ASespe Creek nr Fillmore (Grand Ave)10/01/1934 00:0009/30/1938 00:00
710BSespe Creek nr Fillmore10/01/1938 00:0010/01/1993 00:00
710CSespe Creek nr Fillmore at Diversion10/01/1990 00:0010/01/1993 00:00
710DSespe Creek near Fillmore (Grand Ave)10/01/1993 00:0010/01/2022 00:00Yes
711Sespe Creek nr Wheeler Springs10/01/1947 00:0010/01/2022 00:00Yes
712Sespe Creek West of Hot Springs10/01/1974 00:0010/01/1977 00:00
713Pole Creek at Sespe Ave03/01/1974 00:0010/01/2018 00:00Yes
720Santa Clara River at 12th Street10/01/2004 00:0010/01/2007 00:00
723Santa Clara River at Victoria Ave10/01/2007 00:0010/01/2024 00:00Yes
724Santa Clara River at Freeman Diversion09/30/2004 00:0009/30/2005 00:00
776Revolon Slough at Laguna Rd10/01/1979 00:0010/01/2006 00:00
776ARevolon Slough at Pleasant Valley Road10/01/2005 00:0010/01/2020 00:00Yes
780Beardsley Wash at Central Ave10/01/1993 00:0010/01/2016 00:00Yes
781Santa Clara Drain10/01/1995 00:0010/01/2012 00:00Yes
782Las Posas Estates Drain10/01/1999 00:0010/01/2008 00:00
791Piru Creek above Frenchmans Flat11/01/2004 00:0005/11/2022 00:00Yes
800Conejo Creek abv Hwy 10110/01/1971 00:0010/01/2011 00:00
800AConejo Creek at Ridge View St10/01/2009 00:0010/01/2021 00:00Yes
801Arroyo Simi at Moorpark - Spring St10/01/1933 00:0010/01/1978 00:00
803Arroyo Simi at Madera Road Bridge10/01/1933 00:0010/01/2023 00:00Yes
803AArroyo Simi near Simi at Sinaloa Rd10/01/1976 00:0010/01/1984 00:00
805Calleguas Creek at CSUCI10/01/1968 00:0010/01/2023 00:00Yes
806Calleguas Creek abv Hwy 10110/01/1968 00:0010/01/1997 00:00
806ACalleguas Creek at Hwy 10110/01/1997 00:0010/01/2007 00:00Yes
810Honda Baranca nr Somis10/01/1954 00:0010/01/1963 00:00
811Beardsley Wash near Somis07/01/1954 00:0010/01/1958 00:00
841Arroyo Las Posas At Hitch Blvd10/01/1990 00:0010/01/2004 00:00
841AArroyo Simi above Hitch Blvd10/01/2004 00:0010/01/2024 00:00Yes
842Arroyo Simi below Stow Street10/01/2001 00:0010/01/2017 00:00Yes
900Wagon Road Creek near Stauffer06/29/1972 00:0010/01/1978 00:00
901Reyes Creek near Ventucopa07/27/1972 00:0010/01/1978 00:00
905ACuyama River nr Ventucopa (Hwy 33)10/01/2009 00:0010/08/2014 00:00Yes

Data marked with 'P' are preliminary and subject to change until checked and evaluated. Data marked with 'U' are unverified and are subject to changed and evaluated. Unverified data may contain errors that have not been checked by Hydrology staff. Ventura County does not guarantee the accuracy of these data; please note that river flows may vary considerably during each day and from day to day.Oficial published data are marked with 'A '.