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Welcome to Ventura County Watershed Protection District Hydrologic Data Webpage. This page provides rain, stream, and evaporation data from the District's official gages in Ventura County, as well as other available data used in District planning studies.

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Official and Preliminary data are available by water year clicking on the station name and by selecting the water year and format selectors for each dataset. Additional Supplimental Reports for specific stations are available for downlaod from each station's drop-down menus.

Station 776 Information

Site Id: 776
Station Name: Revolon Slough at Laguna Rd
Latitude: 34° 10' 33.9" N
Longitude: 119° 5' 59.4" W
Datum: North American Datum 1983
Elevation: 11 feet
Station Type: Recording Stream Gage
VCWPD Zone: Zone 2 (Santa Clara River)
USGS Site Id: None
Currently Active: No
Associated Station(s):776A - Revolon Slough at Pleasant Valley Road

Available Datasets

Dataset NamePublish TypeStart DateEnd Date
Streamflow: Average Daily FlowPublished Data10/01/1979 00:00 - 10/01/2006 00:00
Streamflow: Event Hydrographs AvailablePublished Data10/01/1990 00:05 - 11/07/2005 23:55
Streamflow: Storm Event PeaksPublished Data02/17/1980 00:00 - 10/17/2005 00:00

Official and Supplemental Reports Published for This Station

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Streamflow: Average Daily Flow

Publish TypeStart DateEnd Date
Published Data: 10/01/1979 00:00- 10/01/2006 00:00
Unverifed Telemetry Data:N/A
Average Daily Streamflow - Water Year Products
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Streamflow: Event Hydrographs Available

Publish TypeStart DateEnd Date
Published Data: 10/01/1990 00:05- 11/07/2005 23:55
Unverifed Telemetry Data:N/A
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Continuious Hydrographs may not be available for all sites and all time periods. Periods where hydrographs are not available are marked with quality codes greater than 150. These periods show flow values of zero but it does not mean that the flow is actually zero. For questions e-mail:

Streamflow: Storm Event Peaks

Publish TypeStart DateEnd Date
Published Data: 02/17/1980 00:00- 10/17/2005 00:00
Unverifed Telemetry Data:N/A
Peak Streamflow - Multiple Water Year Products
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Obsolete Reports and Data Files

Warning: These files are obsolete and should be used only if the data are not available from above choises.

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Data marked with 'P' are preliminary and subject to change until checked and evaluated. Data marked with 'U' are unverified and are subject to changed and evaluated. Unverified data may contain errors that have not been checked by Hydrology staff. Ventura County does not guarantee the accuracy of these data; please note that river flows may vary considerably during each day and from day to day.Oficial published data are marked with 'A '.