This site provides observed and forecasted streamflow information for watershed that flow through Ventura County. These data are updated every 10 minutes.

This map was created from provisional data that has not been checked or verified for accuracy.  Some data on this map comes from sources other than Ventura County Watershed Protection District.  Ventura County Watershed Protection District has no control over the accuracy and type of data transmitted. This map was created solely for the convenience of the County and related public agencies.  The County does not warrant the accuracy of this map, and no decision involving a risk of economic loss or physical injury should be made from the data available on this site.

Monitor Locations
Ventura County Boundary
Ventura County Streams
Incorporated Cities
100-Year/500-Year Flood Plains (SFHZ)
Recent Fire Boundaries near Ventura County (Last 3 Years)
Rising Tide and Coastal Storm Inundation
Tsunami Inundation

VCAHPS Stream Sites
= Observed Hydrograph Available
= Both Forecasted and Observed Hydrographs Available
= Forecasted Hydrograph Only
Major Flooding
Moderate Flooding
Minor Flooding
Near Flood Stage
No Flooding
No Data Available
Rating Issue