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Welcome to Ventura County Watershed Protection District Hydrologic Data Webpage. This page provides rain, stream, and evaporation data from the District's official gages in Ventura County, as well as other available data used in District planning studies.

Due to the complexity of the website and datasets, we STRONGLY urge you to read our file explaining how to download data from this website and any associated caveats by clicking on: Hydrodata Web Questions. Please read the file before you contact us with any questions regarding this site or our data sets.

For certified data or non-standard data not available on this website, please send a data request to the Hydrology Section as outlined in Hydrodata Web Questions document.

Official and Preliminary data are available by water year clicking on the station name and by selecting the water year and format selectors for each dataset. Additional Supplimental Reports for specific stations are available for downlaod from each station's drop-down menus.

List of Available Stations

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Site IdStation NameStart DateEnd DateActive
004ACasitas Dam09/30/2007 08:0004/04/2018 10:57Yes
017CPort Hueneme - Oxnard Sewer Plant10/01/2003 00:0005/09/2018 09:04Yes
030DOjai-County Fire Station06/12/2000 13:1705/18/2018 13:00Yes
032AOxnard Civic Center01/05/2004 00:0005/09/2018 09:50Yes
036APiru-County Fire Station09/30/2012 08:0003/29/2018 10:22Yes
039Fillmore-Rancho Sespe10/01/2000 00:0010/22/2009 07:40
044Santa Ana Valley-Selby Ranch11/26/1956 08:0006/07/1993 10:00
049ASanta Rosa Valley-Worthington Ranch10/01/1999 00:0010/01/2008 00:00
059Ojai-Thacher School10/01/2001 00:0004/03/2018 10:21Yes
063BUpper Sespe - Pine Mountain Inn NWS09/13/1985 03:1503/01/2013 00:00
063CUpper Sespe - Pine Mountain Inn04/29/2013 00:0007/22/2013 06:25Yes
064BUpper Ojai-Happy Valley12/05/1979 14:1504/03/2018 09:50Yes
065AUpper Ojai Summit-County Fire Station09/26/2005 09:5010/26/2017 12:59Yes
066EVentura-Downtown (City Hall-Historic Courthouse)10/01/2000 00:0505/08/2018 08:35Yes
085Canada Larga11/16/1966 09:0005/08/2018 09:17Yes
094CFillmore-Fairview Ranch10/01/2004 00:0010/17/2008 10:30
096ABardsdale-Lander Ranch10/01/2004 00:0010/22/2009 10:38
101APiru-Camulos Ranch02/02/1976 11:2003/29/2018 08:50Yes
106APiru RAWS08/21/2001 12:0005/18/2018 13:00Yes
121CLake Sherwood-County Fire Station10/01/2000 00:0005/08/2018 11:01Yes
122Ventura-Kingston Reservoir09/30/2016 08:0005/08/2018 10:26Yes
126AMoorpark - Ventura County Yard07/29/2008 09:3005/10/2018 13:40Yes
128CThousand Oaks APCD APCD09/30/2008 08:0005/18/2018 13:00Yes
130Chuchupate Ranger Station NWS09/30/1955 08:0009/30/1968 08:00
130AChuchupate Ranger Station NWS09/30/1968 08:0004/30/2009 08:00
130BChuchupate Ranger Station07/23/2017 03:5005/18/2018 13:25Yes
132BSaticoy-County Yard03/14/2007 10:3910/01/2008 08:00
134BMatilija Dam09/27/2007 11:4104/25/2018 09:37Yes
140Oak View-County Fire Station11/16/1992 11:4502/26/2018 11:48Yes
152Piedra Blanca Guard Station04/20/1959 13:4510/31/2017 09:35Yes
163BSulphur Mountain03/08/1989 12:0010/01/1998 00:00
163CSulphur Mountain10/01/1998 00:0004/03/2018 09:06Yes
165Ojai-Stewart Canyon09/30/1956 08:0004/03/2018 12:05Yes
167Ventura-Hall Canyon12/03/1956 14:5005/08/2018 08:11Yes
168Oxnard Airport12/03/1956 15:1505/09/2018 10:12Yes
169Thousand Oaks-Weather Station10/01/1994 00:0001/11/2011 10:53
169AThousand Oaks - Civic Center09/30/2010 00:0005/08/2018 10:37Yes
171Fillmore-Fish Hatchery02/02/1976 11:0005/07/2018 07:21Yes
172Piru Canyon02/02/1976 10:2010/30/2017 11:45Yes
173ASanta Paula Canyon-Ferndale Ranch02/02/1976 09:4510/26/2017 11:58Yes
174AOzena Guard Station (NWS)08/31/1985 08:4511/25/2011 08:00Yes
175Saticoy Fire Station02/10/1976 07:5007/24/2008 13:03
175ASaticoy-County Yard09/30/2008 08:0004/09/2018 08:48Yes
177ACamarillo-Pacific Sod09/30/2009 08:0005/08/2018 08:34Yes
180AOrtega Hill (Type C)09/28/1998 01:0710/02/2015 11:24Yes
188ANewbury Park-County Fire Station #3510/01/1998 00:0005/08/2018 09:08Yes
189Somis-Deboni10/01/2003 00:0003/30/2018 10:50Yes
190Somis-Bard10/01/1997 00:0003/30/2018 08:31Yes
191Moorpark-Downing Ranch12/04/1997 00:0011/18/2008 09:40
192AMoorpark-Everett10/01/1998 00:0010/01/2008 00:00
193ASanta Susana10/01/1987 00:0005/08/2018 13:17Yes
194ACamarillo-Adohr (Sanitation Plant)10/01/1998 00:0005/07/2018 10:03Yes
196BTapo Canyon10/01/1987 00:0010/01/2008 00:00
196CTapo Canyon - County Park09/30/2008 08:0005/10/2018 11:45Yes
197ATopa Topa09/30/2013 08:0005/20/2014 08:30Yes
199AFillmore Sanitation09/30/2009 08:0005/07/2018 06:49Yes
206BSomis-Fuller10/01/1997 00:0003/30/2018 09:29Yes
207Matilija Canyon12/17/1959 00:0509/30/1963 08:00
207AMatilija Canyon09/30/1963 08:0008/05/1985 14:30
207BMatilija Canyon10/04/1985 08:0010/01/2008 00:00
207CMatilija Canyon09/30/2008 08:0003/20/2018 10:51Yes
209Lockwood Valley-County Yard09/20/1966 15:3009/30/1993 08:00
209ALockwood Valley-County Yard09/30/1993 08:0011/08/2016 13:09Yes
211AAlamo Mountain09/30/2009 08:0010/02/2014 11:15Yes
215AChannel Is Harbor - Kiddie Beach09/30/2015 08:0004/25/2018 10:10Yes
216CVentura Harbor08/28/2008 09:3905/08/2018 13:05Yes
218Meiners Oaks-County Fire Station09/30/2009 08:0004/04/2018 10:19Yes
221ASea Cliff - CWOD/Santa Fe Energy10/01/1976 00:0010/01/1982 00:00
221BSea Cliff - County Fire Station10/01/1982 00:0005/08/2018 10:59Yes
222AVentura-County Government Center09/18/2004 00:5304/24/2018 09:09Yes
224Sespe-Westates09/01/1966 16:3009/30/1976 08:00
224ASespe-Westates09/30/1976 08:0011/07/2017 10:10Yes
225Wheeler Canyon09/03/1966 09:5003/08/2018 14:48Yes
227Lake Bard10/01/1987 00:0005/08/2018 11:50Yes
230Ventura-Sexton Canyon01/31/1972 15:2510/01/1998 00:00
230AVentura-Sexton Canyon10/01/1998 00:0003/28/2018 08:56Yes
231AEl Rio - Riverpark09/30/2006 07:5508/19/2008 10:03
232Santa Monica Mts-Deals Flat10/01/2000 00:0005/09/2018 08:11Yes
234ALas Llajas Canyon10/01/1987 00:0010/01/2002 00:00
234BLas Llajas Canyon10/01/2002 00:0005/10/2018 10:06Yes
235Piru-L.A./Ventura County Line09/23/1993 19:4509/30/2006 08:00
235APiru-L.A./Ventura County Line09/30/2006 08:0003/29/2018 09:25Yes
237San Guillermo10/01/2015 00:0002/03/2016 10:48Yes
238South Mountain-Shell Oil02/02/1976 13:1003/30/2018 10:18Yes
239El Rio-UWCD Spreading Grounds09/30/2007 00:0003/30/2018 08:05Yes
242Tripas Canyon08/01/1977 11:5511/07/2017 12:20Yes
245Santa Paula-UWCD09/16/1975 11:4509/30/1986 08:00
245ASanta Paula-UWCD09/30/1986 08:0010/28/2010 10:30
245BSanta Paula - Wilson Ranch09/30/2010 00:0010/26/2017 10:25Yes
246Simi Sanitation Plant NWS09/10/1986 08:1509/30/2008 08:00
246ASimi Sanitation Plant06/30/2008 09:3505/09/2018 10:51Yes
249Simi Hills-Rocketdyne Lab10/01/1986 00:0010/01/2001 00:00
250Moorpark-Happy Camp Canyon10/01/1997 00:0005/09/2018 13:17Yes
254Casitas Station - Station Canyon09/20/1979 08:2003/16/2018 08:03Yes
258Oak View-Raap11/25/1981 15:5011/10/1992 12:00
259Camarillo-PVWD09/30/2014 08:0005/08/2018 08:03Yes
260Ventura-Emma Wood State Bch01/14/1983 11:1508/17/1995 11:35
262AMoorpark College (Type B)09/26/1999 14:3909/30/2008 08:00
263ACamarillo-Leisure Village CIMIS 15201/01/2002 00:0005/31/2013 00:00
264Wheeler Gorge09/03/1985 08:0003/09/2018 13:15Yes
268Last Chance (Type C)09/30/2003 08:0006/10/2014 08:30Yes
272Sage Ranch01/01/2003 00:0005/10/2018 08:52Yes
273AOxnard NWS07/27/2010 09:2005/07/2018 12:41Yes
276Piru CIMIS 10108/27/1991 00:0003/01/2005 00:00
278Sespe - Dough Flat (Type B)09/30/2003 08:0002/29/2012 15:00Yes
279Borracho Saddle (Type C)09/30/2006 08:0009/17/2013 14:07Yes
280Circle X Ranch (Type B)09/30/1997 07:5901/10/2012 14:14Yes
300Senior Gridley Canyon (Type B)09/30/1992 08:0010/05/2015 10:06Yes
301Old Man Mountain (Type C)09/28/1998 08:3509/29/2014 12:32Yes
302Canada Larga-Verde Canyon (Type B)09/30/1998 08:0010/02/2015 14:05Yes
303Nordhoff Ridge (Type C)09/30/1997 08:0004/08/2013 11:30Yes
304Matilija Hot Springs at No Fork (Type B)09/28/1998 09:0905/23/2012 09:33Yes
305La Granada Mountain (Type B)09/28/2004 10:0802/05/2018 10:17Yes
306White Ledge Peak (Type C)09/28/2004 02:4712/08/2014 13:30Yes
307Upper Matilija Canyon (Type C)07/02/2004 09:4009/24/2013 12:45Yes
308Red Mountain (Type B)07/10/2003 11:3211/28/2011 12:00Yes
309La Conchita - Schaefer Ranch11/25/2015 08:0001/03/2017 13:10Yes
400Fillmore-Grand Ave (Type B)09/28/1998 01:0706/15/2015 11:58Yes
401Sycamore Canyon (Type C)09/30/1997 08:0006/10/2014 12:34Yes
402Tommys Creek (Type C)09/28/1998 08:2510/05/2015 14:32Yes
403Silverstrand Alert (Type B)09/28/2008 23:3406/04/2014 14:39Yes
404Sisar North ALERT (Type C)09/30/2004 00:1410/05/2015 12:10Yes
405Choro Grande (Type C)09/30/1998 05:4410/05/2015 15:38Yes
406Fagan Canyon West (Type B)07/09/2003 20:1310/29/2015 12:34Yes
407Fagan Canyon East (Type B)09/07/2003 12:0410/28/2010 10:33
408Rose Valley Alert (Type C)08/18/2000 11:3410/01/2015 08:29Yes
409Hopper Mountain (Type C)08/18/2000 21:2103/13/2014 10:33Yes
410Pyramid Lake Visitors Center (Type B)09/30/2006 08:0002/28/2012 15:30Yes
411Piru Creek above Pyramid Lake (Type B)09/30/2006 08:0002/28/2012 15:30Yes
412El Rio - Mesa School APCD06/30/2012 08:0005/18/2018 13:00Yes
500Santa Rosa Valley - Conejo (Type B)08/26/2003 13:3410/01/2008 22:30
500ACamrosa Water District09/24/2009 22:3205/07/2018 09:20Yes
501Rocky Peak (Type B)08/08/2003 10:1412/11/2013 11:07Yes
502Santa Rosa Valley - Basin 207/30/2008 10:1705/07/2018 08:40Yes
503Oxnard Plain - Laguna Rd (Type B)06/28/2008 23:4710/01/2010 00:00
504South Mountain West (Type B)09/29/2002 21:0412/31/2011 08:00
505Camarillo - CSUCI (Type B)09/28/2003 04:2510/12/2017 07:32Yes
506Wood Ranch - Sycamore Canyon Dam (Type B)09/27/2003 13:5306/18/2015 09:08Yes
507South Mountain East (Type B)09/29/2002 12:4010/29/2015 09:42Yes
508Moorpark - Home Acres ALERT (Type B)07/12/2002 00:0410/28/2015 09:11Yes
509Spanish Hills - Las Posas Res (Type B)09/30/2003 08:0008/04/2015 09:23Yes
510Lang Ranch (Type B)09/29/2003 16:0902/08/2012 08:47Yes
511Simi Valley - Simi High School APCD01/08/2014 01:0005/18/2018 13:00Yes
512Camarillo - Upland (Type B)09/30/2012 08:0010/28/2015 11:17Yes
513Rancho Sierra Vista - Big Sycamore Canyon (Type B)02/17/2014 08:0002/18/2014 08:00Yes

Data marked with 'P' are preliminary and subject to change until checked and evaluated. Data marked with 'U' are unverified and are subject to changed and evaluated. Unverified data may contain errors that have not been checked by Hydrology staff. Ventura County does not guarantee the accuracy of these data; please note that river flows may vary considerably during each day and from day to day.Oficial published data are marked with 'A '.